4 Little-Known Health Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is a popular way for people to exercise, strengthen muscles and it promotes overall relaxation, but did you know that there are additional benefits that aren't as well known but are just as important to your overall health? People who practice yoga consistently will boost immunity levels at the cellular level and it generally increases a … [Read more...]

Tips on Improving Your Skills on the Bocce Court

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Bocce ball is one of the oldest ball games in the world. Would you like to understand bocce ball better and increase your playing skills? Follow our tips to hone your bocce ball throwing methods. Be one of the first ones to help set up the bag of balls where you will be playing the game. While there, roll the balls around the playing surface so you … [Read more...]

Enjoy Champagne and Carols in Austin this Holiday Season

Enjoy Champagne and Carols in Austin this Holiday Season

Of all the holiday events in Austin, "Champagne & Carols" might just be the most festive and whimsical. Join in the merriment and magic that happens when Carolers, champagne and holiday food meet in a Victorian-era venue. The Champagne & Carols event happens at the historic Neill-Cochran House Museum, which will be decked out with holiday themed … [Read more...]

Music and Art Meet at the Psychedelic Festival

Music and Art Meet at the Psychedelic Festival

Put on your tie dye and your groovy glasses to make your way to the Psychedelic Festival. It comes to Austin on December 6, 2014, and that's your chance to soak up the vibes from live music, performance art, black light dancing and more. The event celebrates the art and music of the 1960’s and 1970’s, known as the psychedelic era. Austin … [Read more...]

Six Benefits fo a Loft Apartment in Austin

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When searching for that new residence, there is just something that resonates about a loft apartment. From the wide-open space to the urban aesthetic that goes along with it, loft apartments are in high demand due to their unique floorplans. There are other benefits as well. Loft apartments are like natural light magnets, with ceiling heights that … [Read more...]